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Vitamins, carotenoids, eubiotics & enzymes feed additives for livestock & pets

Vitamins, carotenoids, omega-3 & 6 lipids & nutraceutical ingredients and customized services

UV filters, vitamins & bioactives, peptides & polymers and aroma ingredients

Vitamin active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) & pharmaceutical lipids & carotenoids

Enzymes, cultures, probiotics, bio-preservation, sugar reduction & savory taste solutions

High-performance PA6, PA46, PA4T, PA410, PA66, PBT, PET, PPA, PPS & TPC thermoplastics

Resins for wood, metal, paper, plastic & optical fiber coatings

Fiber, uni-directional sheets, tape & fabrics forms of Dyneema®

Stereolithography resins & thermoplastics for 3D printing

Biomedical device materials development & manufacturing

Coatings & backsheets for solar module power gain

Yeast & enzyme solutions for starch, fiber & biomass conversion

Products, brands, partnerships & joint ventures

Public-private partnership producing highly nutritious foods in Rwanda

The next generation of great tasting stevia sweeteners

High-performance, plant-based coating resins solutions for paint

Branded consumer products supporting health and wellness

Vegetarian and sustainable source of DHA produced from microalgae

High-quality omega-3s EPA and DHA from sustainably sourced fish oil

Redesigning everyday products to be healthier and fully recyclable

Making cellulosic bio-ethanol competitive with grain ethanol

Seal assuring ingredient quality, reliability, traceability & sustainability

Analytical science partner improves industrial processes & applications

Resins for tactile print & packaging overprint varnishes

Cattle, equine, small ruminant, poultry & swine nutrition (LATAM)

Powder coating technology for heat-sensitive substrates

EPA & DHA rich omega-3 oil from marine algae for salmon feed

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