Bringing tastier and healthier products to market

We make it possible for our customers to add value to their brands through solutions that tackle the increasingly complex consumer demand for more appealing, tastier and healthier food and beverages - that are also planet-friendly.

We make this happen with an extensive product portfolio; a passion for food; and in-depth food expertise to create innovative, agile and relevant solutions in true partnership with our customers. Here are just a few examples of how…

Enhancing nutritional profiles to meet dietary needs

Through our Health Benefit Solutions we’re meeting the diverse needs of people everywhere. For example, our Targeted Health Solutions address heart health, gut health, eye health, brain health, immunity and mobility; Life's Essentials Solutions focus on the specific health needs of men, women and children at all stages of life; and our Lifestyle Solutions address weight management, healthy skin, hair and nails and sports nutrition.

Free-from, better-for-you & clean label

Our ingredients and innovations for processed and packaged foods are reducing salt, sugar (and fat) in everything from soups to dairy products to bread - with no compromise on taste or performance. For example, Maxilact® is a lactase enzyme that not only makes dairy products lactose-free, but cuts the need for added sugar by up to 20% by retaining natural sweetness; while EVERSWEET™ is our Avansya joint venture's non-artificial, zero-calorie stevia sweetener sustainably produced by fermentation

Plant-based protein ingredients

Consumers are increasingly adding plant-based options to their diets - especially in Europe and the US, as the number of vegetarians and vegans continues to grow. As alternative proteins become increasingly mainstream, we see expectations for great-tasting, nutritious and healthy alternatives becoming more sophisticated - and demanding. At DSM we are uniquely positioned to help food and beverage companies develop plant-based products and recipes that really satisfy, through solutions that deliver great taste and flavor; appealing texture and appearance; and all while helping to meet nutritional needs.

Just one example is CanolaPRO®: a plant-based functional protein derived from the canola (or rapeseed) plant that is high in nutrition and delivers a clean taste and good texture. CanolaPRO® is set for full commercial launch in 2022 and will be produced sustainably with minimal waste.

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  • Plant-based alternative protein products

    Plant-based alternative protein products

    DSM offers an integrated portfolio of solutions for great taste, texture, and improved nutrition for plant-based alternative protein products. Nutritious, delicious, and sustainably produced.

  • CanolaPRO® plant protein

    CanolaPRO® plant protein

    CanolaPRO® is sustainable plant-based protein that can improve a huge range of non-GMO vegetarian and vegan products including meat analogues, plant-based dairy, shakes, energy bars, cereals and baked goods.